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All blinds are custom made to order.  To enquire regarding pricing, please complete the form below.  There are links within the form to help you with style choices and measurements. Once I have processed your request, I will get back to you with a quote and we can then move forward with the design process.

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Before choosing which style of blind you would like, it is important to decide if you prefer inside or outside mount blinds. Besides visual considerations, there are also differences in installation and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most manufacturers and suppliers offer a selection of fire-retardant fabrics and linings. These are commonly used in commercial settings, like hotels, but may also be used in your home. When ordering, please specify if you require your fabric to be fire-retardant.

Outside Mount


  1. Measure the width of the outside frame.
  2. Add a recommended minimum of 1” – 2” on both sides of the measured frame width to help reduce light seepage around the frame.  This will calculate your total required blind width.


  1. Measure the length of the outside frame.  
  2. Add 1” – 2” length to the bottom of the frame to help reduce light seepage around the frame.
  3. If you are mounting the Roman Blind just above the outside frame, it is recommended that you add a minimum of 2” to your final measurement.
  4. If you do not wish to block the view through the window when the blind is up (and you have the ceiling height), it is recommended that you install the Roman Blind at least 8” – 12” above the window frame.  Don’t forget to add this additional measurement to the total length of your finished Blind length.

Inside Mount

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to install an inside mount Roman Blind, the depth of the inside window casing should be a minimum of 2.5″ or it may protrude out too far. 


  • Measure the widths at the Top, Middle and Bottom of the inside frame that you want the Blind to cover.

NOTE: The finished width of the Roman Blind will be made 1/4” smaller than the actual frame measurement you provide, to allow for ease of opening and closing the Blind.  If you do not require the width to be adjusted, please annotate this in the ‘additional information’ box.


  • Measure the required length at the left, middle and right side of the inside frame.  

NOTE: The finished length of the Roman Blind will be made to the shortest length provided.  If you do not want the final length to be adjusted, please annotate this in the ‘additional information’ box.

Flat Roman Blinds – This simple, contemporary style hangs crisp and neat with horizontal straight folds when open. This design works well in any room and with windows of all types, shapes, and sizes.

Relaxed Roman Blinds – An elegant and charming style that hangs in soft swag pleats when raised, giving it a relaxed look.

Cascade Roman Blinds – Constructed using the same elements as a Flat Roman Blind, the fabric folds that encase the rods are visible at the front of the blind, rather than the back.  This style is therefore best suited to plain fabrics, but can work for any window.

London Blinds – This style combines the structure of a Roman Blind with the flowing look to ensure the window is the focal point of the room.  Often used for decorative purposes,  adding a contrasting fabric in the inverted pleat will ensure a coutured look.

Inside Mount – Installed inside the window frame, they provide a polished look and offer a minimalist sleek finish
which many homeowners desire.


  • Take up less space in the room
  • Use less fabric than an outside mount blind
  • Can be incorporated with curtains that won’t inhibit the functionality of the blind
  • Enables you to show off the frame and trim of the window
  • Ideal for small or large windows

Outside Mount – Installed outside the window frame, they cover a larger area and help to enhance a rooms
appearance. They also provide more flexibility when choosing window treatments.


  • Can block out more light than inside mount
  • Can be mounted closer to the ceiling to make the room look taller
  • Ideal for narrow window frames where inside mount blinds are not an option
  • Can provide the illusion that the window is larger
  • Offer more flexibility when choosing Window Treatments
  • Ideal for small or large windows

Our large fabric selection is extremely varied; choices include, but are not limited to: natural linen, cotton, polyester, silk, bamboo, and poly/cotton blends.

I have hundreds of fabric books at my disposal and access to pretty much any fabric available. If you have a specific fabric or designer in mind, let me know.

This will depend greatly on the size of the window and the style and fabric that you choose. Typically the cost will range from $500 to $1500 per window, but this is only a general estimate. As there is a wide range of price points, I assist you in understanding the choices that fit with what you want to achieve and are within your price range. Once your needs are established, I always provide a detailed quote.

Normally around 4 weeks from the time of delivery of all materials to the workroom.

I recommend you use as much or as little colour as you feel comfortable with. Do you want your window treatments to complement or contrast with the existing furniture, flooring and wall colours? How does the light change in the room during the day? I am here to help guide you through the process and make sure your vision comes to life.

I recommend that the fabric be dry cleaned only. Although some fabrics are washable, if your window treatments are lined or interlined, the fabric may have a different shrinkage rate than the lining. To remove surface dust, it is recommended that most window treatments be regularly vacuumed with a suitable attachment. Please also refer to the manufacturers’ cleaning guidelines.

Choosing custom window treatments is not the same as buying curtains in a store. Once the fabric has been ordered from the manufacturer and cut from the bolt, I am unable to cancel or return the fabric. For some custom services I can however offer sample swatches.

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"I had budget considerations, time constraints, and a particular aesthetic I was striving for. From the onset, there was a level of professionalism, dependability, flexibility, creative input, and care that not only put my mind at ease, but was engaging and collaborative. I couldn't be more pleased and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kootenay Interiors to anyone."
Nelson, BC
"When we were looking into window coverings for our new Yaqan Nukiy Suites, we received professional and knowledgeable guidance from Kootenay Interiors. Sue Scott was able to offer a quality product and excellent service. Our custom drapes add a special touch of luxury to the new rooms.” 
Ainsworth, BC
"Sue recently finished making custom draperies for my living room windows. She did a beautiful job and the installation of the curtains was included in the price as well. I was so very very pleased with the results and would not hesitate in recommending her services."
Nelson, BC
“I hired Sue to construct draperies for an interior design client of mine. We were looking for a custom length to fit some extra tall windows. Sue was easy to work with and very communicative throughout the process, not to mention that the draperies are absolutely stunning - thank you Sue!”
Kimberly, BC
"We were and are very happy with the drapes and curtains you custom made for our home. Your foresight in the upgrading, sizing, coloring and customizing were great. Your diligence in costs, repeated visits, and help in hanging were above and beyond the normal. Thank you again, all the best, you have our confidence." 
John & Jack
Balfour, BC
"Sue, thank you for designing and making our bedroom curtains. They are the simple look we wanted to frame our window and add warmth to our space. We were overwhelmed by the choice and complexity, but your good eye and professionalism helped us select what we needed. Your craftsmanship is impeccable and we are happy to have you as a new resource and friend in the Kootenays."
Nelson, BC
"I am an Interior Design Consultant; I worked with Sue for the first time, from a distance, West Kootenays to East Kootenays; risky I know, but the discussions and details were handled very professionally, so much that when Sue arrived with the drapes, both my client and I drooled over the results! The workmanship and detail was amazing...I definitely will use Kootenay Interiors again on my next drapery project."
Cranbook, BC
"Working with Sue of Kootenay Interiors has been a pleasure. Her professionalism and meticulous attention to detail results in a finished product that is exactly as hoped. I would recommend Kootenay Interiors to anyone seeking top-quality custom work for their home."
Nelson, BC
Bev McCormick
Bev McCormick
20:04 06 Jun 19
I am an Interior Design Consultant; I worked with Sue for the first time, from a distance, West Kootenays to East... Kootenays; risky I know, but the discussions and details were handled very professionally, so much that when Sue arrived with the drapes, both my client and I drooled over the results! The workmanship and detail was amazing......I definitely will use Kootenay Interiors again on my next Drapery Project.read more
Gillian Sherriff
Gillian Sherriff
02:48 06 Jan 18
Kootenay Interiors made me a beautiful pair of curtains for my newborns nursery. After my consultation Sue showed me a... selection of fabrics that really captured the theme I wanted. She was great in helping me choose the fabric which would be the best fit for my vision. I am extremely happy with the finished product, the quality and finish are beautiful. I highly recommend Sue and Kootenay Interiors to anyone looking for a bespoke service.read more
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