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A Journey from Childhood Sewing to Creating Beautiful Home Accessories

A Journey from Childhood Sewing to Creating Beautiful Home Accessories

As the founder and owner of Kootenay Interiors, Sue shares her passion of sewing and creating Beautiful Home Accessories, Custom Window Treatments and how it all began.

A New Chapter

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog page!6106Fb71 E551 4Dab Bcc1 F2C28C4Bb08E 1 201 A 1  If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know how passionate I am about creating beautiful home accessories and custom window treatments, along with other unique products, whether it be receiving new fabric books, or sewing my clients’ projects!  From my childhood love of sewing to becoming a Bespoke Window Covering Artisan, I am thrilled to share my journey with you – from my love of fabric, colour and roots in interior design to my passion for crafting.

So, grab a cozy seat, and let me take you on a journey through my creative world.

Early Beginnings

I’ve been a sewer and creator for as long as I can remember.  My journey into the world of textiles and fabrics began when I was a young girl, growing up in the working-class town of Wigan, Lancashire in England.  I learned to sew with a manual treadle sewing machine that could only go forward or backward!  I was mesmerized by the sheer magic of transforming a piece of fabric into something beautiful and functional.

Those early days of stitching and creating left an indelible mark on my heart and set the stage for what would become my career later in life.  After leaving school at 16 and a few years of working in various jobs, I embarked on a 12-year career with the Women’s Royal Naval Services.  I loved being a ‘Wren’ – I traveled all over the world during my service, visited many interesting and beautiful places, and met lots of wonderful people along the way.  I still crafted and sewed during that time creating Beautiful Home Accessories and Custom Window Treatments and also learned many other skills along the way.

A Passion for Design

In the early 2000s, after leaving the Royal Naval Service, I undertook various window treatment and soft furnishings courses, went back to school to complete a two-year interior decoration and design course, and then worked as a florist in various locations over the next few years.  These various life skills and courses eventually steered me toward my love of all things fabric, colour, and design.

Over the years, I had gained invaluable experience and insights, but something was missing.  I yearned to channel my creativity into tangible, handmade products and hopefully make a living from my passion for fabric.

The Birth of Kootenay Interiors

I realized that I wanted to bridge the gap between design and craftsmanship, between aesthetics and functionality.  I wanted to create window coverings and cushions that were not just pieces of fabric but products that I had produced myself and that would transform spaces and added a personal touch.  As the concept evolved, I decided to dive headfirst into this new venture.  My desire to combine my love for design with my lifelong passion for sewing was too strong to resist.

And so, Kootenay Interiors was officially born in Kaslo, British Columbia back in 2016.  I loved living in the Kootenay’s, however, the pull back to Alberta to be nearer to family was too strong, so last year, we moved back after 8 years away.  Cochrane, Alberta was our initial stop, but we longed for a smaller community, so we embarked on a new and exciting adventure – the construction of a new, compact, smaller home that would have dual functionality and work for our home and my business.

Custom Handmade Cushions

Crafting Bespoke Window Coverings and Cushions

With Kootenay Interiors, I found my calling.  I applied myself to the art of crafting bespoke window coverings and cushions.  It’s a meticulous process that involves selecting wonderful fabrics, paying attention to every detail, and creating pieces that are as unique as the spaces they adorn.  I take great pride in the fact that each item I make is a product of often many hours of design, sewing, and careful consideration.  The fabrics I help my clients choose, the patterns I create, and the craftsmanship I apply are all a testament to my commitment to quality and style.

A Journey of Creativity

My journey has been one of creative evolution.  From my early days of sewing on that manual treadle machine to becoming the owner and maker of Kootenay Interiors, it’s been a path of discovery, passion, and the pursuit of excellence.  There’s been many ups and downs along this journey and running a small business is not always for the faint hearted!  I’m excited to share my experiences, insights, and the beautiful products that come to life in my workroom with you through this blog and social media.

I hope you’ll join me on this creative journey and I look forward to inspiring and connecting with you through the world of custom home furnishings.  So, whether my future blog is about my work, creative ideas, tips, life events, or just about anything, I hope you enjoy following along!  Feel free to comment or request blogs on specific topics.  Your engagement and feedback are always valuable and welcome and I can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey with you!

Stay tuned for more stories, tips, and insights into the world of interior design and craftsmanship and click here to book a consultation.

Warm regards,

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Transform your space with the perfect blend of style, texture and functionality tailored to your unique taste.

Book a free consultation with Sue and she will bring your vision to life, one fabric at a time. 

Book a Consultation

Transform your space with the perfect blend of style, texture and functionality tailored to your unique taste.

Book a free consultation with Sue and she will bring your vision to life, one fabric at a time. 

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