What payment methods do you accept?

We accept E-Transfer, Cash, Bank Draft, or Cheque.  Once we open our Online Store, we will then accept all major payments including MasterCard and Visa.                                                                          

What are the payment terms?

Once you decide that you want to proceed with your order, we require a deposit to cover all material costs (usually around 50% of the total quote). The balance is payable in full on delivery of your window treatments. 

What is the cost of Custom Window Treatments?

This will depend greatly on the size of the window, style and fabric cost that you choose. Typically the cost will range from $500 to $1500 per window, but this is only a guide as we do have clients who spend more or less money per window.  As there is a wide range of price points, we assist you in understanding the choices that are relative to what you want to achieve within your price range.    The fabric, finished style, and installation of the window treatments all determine the price:    · Fabric – We have a wide choice of quality manufacturers and suppliers to choose from in various styles and price points. · Construction – All of our Window Treatments are constructed and made in Canada to a very high standard by experienced professionals. · Installation – Most of our Custom Window Treatments include complimentary installation and you will be advised if this option is included in writing in your quote.  Remember, we are here to help you through the process to get the best style solution for your home or business.  

What kind of style will suit my home?

This depends on your personal choice, the style of your home and whether you want the window treatment to be functional or decorative. Often clients may want a functional covering like a blind and then add drapery as a decorative layer – the choices are yours and we will help to guide you.  

How do I clean my window treatments?

We recommend that the fabric be dry cleaned only.  Although some fabrics are washable, if your window treatments are lined or interlined, the fabric may have a different shrinkage rate to the lining and interlining, so this is why we always recommend dry cleaning only.  It is also recommended that the window treatments should be vacuumed on a regular basis with a suitable attachment for curtains and drapes in order to remove surface dust. Always refer to the manufacturers recommendations if in doubt – the manufacturer and curtain fabric name and style are provided on your contract.  

What is curtain fullness?

Curtains can be flat or have fullness; the fullness of a curtain is the amount of fabric that is used to cover the width of your curtain track or pole and the more fullness means more fabric.  Different curtain styles have different fullness with some examples below: · 

Rod Pocket Heading – 2 – 2.5 Fullness 

Butterfly/Double Pleat Heading – 2 – 2.5 Fullness

Box Pleated Heading – 3 Fullness 

So if your curtains are 2 times fullness, this means that you will need twice the fabric amount for the finished width of the curtains, where a box pleated heading will take 3 times the fabric.  

What is the difference between off-the-shelf and custom curtains?

Unlike ready made panels and curtains, the choice of fabrics and styles with custom curtains is unlimited.  You get the exact style and look you want with the help of an experienced stylist.  Also the quality of the fabric and lining will be far superior with custom window treatments.  We supply curtains in Nelson and the West Kootenays.

Are curtains not old fashioned?

Window treatments can be traditional or contemporary and play an important role in the interior of a home.  They can help to shape the look and style of a room and are available in a variety of shapes and styles to keep up with trends.

What style of curtain is popular?

Ripplefold curtains are by far the most popular look at the moment.  They require a special 'carrier track' that evenly spaces the folds of the fabric and can be made at 1.6 to 2.2 times the fullness of the window.  They also work well as sheer panels.

Do you make sheer curtains?

Yes we do!  We can fabricate any style and have a large selection of sheer fabric sample books for you to choose from.

What lining options do you offer?

We offer Unlined, Lined or Interlined window treatment options.    

Unlined - Sheers are usually made without a lining, so that you can see out of the window – sheers offer a decorative, lite finish to any window.   We can also make your curtains unlined, however we do recommend that you line coloured or patterned curtains to avoid fading from sunlight.

Lined - We recommend that you add a high quality lining to extend the life of the drapes as well as protect the pattern and fabric colour from fading due to sunlight. Lining can also enhance the way the drapes hang, making them look more luxurious. We offer many types of good quality lining, including sateen or blackout to block out more light in a room – especially popular for bedrooms.    

Interlined – Interlined Curtains will add extra quality to your finished window treatments as ultimately it will make the curtains look fuller by adding body to the fabric. A drapery lining called interlining or English Bump (a soft blanket style wadding) is sandwiched and sewn between the fabric and lining. This also offers insulation towards drafts and cold in winter and helps to minimize solar heat in summer, along with assisting at blocking out light.   

Are interlined curtains more expensive?

Yes.  Because the lining has to be hand sewn into the curtain panel, which is labour intensive, plus the additional cost of the lining. However it is possible to purchase a ‘napped’ or insulated tailored lining that has the interlining attached to the lining already, which will cut down on some of the labour cost, but still help with draffy windows or too much sunshine.  

Do you offer Fire Retardant Fabric?

Most manufacturers and suppliers will offer a selection of Fire Retardant fabrics and linings, which can be used in commercial settings (schools, hotel’s, etc) or in your home. Please specify when ordering if you require your fabric to be Fire Retardant.  

Can I control the amount of light with my choice of window treatments?

Yes. Sheer curtain fabrics will filter light without blocking it, and won't disturb your view; they are translucent, and soften the light. Lined curtains and interlined curtains will gently block out the light, and blackout lining will block out daylight, which is ideal for bedrooms or rooms that you wish to keep cool in summer and warm in winter.  You can achieve the lighting effect you want by selecting the appropriate fabric and lining.  

What are the types of the curtain fabrics you supply?

Our large fabric selection is extremely varied and choices include, but are not limited to:                          

  • Natural Linen 
  • Polyesters 
  • Cotton       
  • Polyester/Cotton Blends 
  • Silk 
  • Bamboo    

How long does it take to make custom window treatments?

Usually 4 weeks from the time of delivery of materials to our workroom.                                                     

Do you include installation of the drapes in the price?

Unless otherwise specified, all quotes include the cost of installation of the curtains or window treatments. If you prefer to install them yourself, please let us know and the cost will be adjusted accordingly.  

What do you mean by ‘fullness’?

Curtains can be flat or they can have fullness.  Fullness is the extra fabric used across the width of the drape to create a decorative heading.  Fullness provides a drape with a richer look, so as an example, if a curtain is made with a triple pleat heading, which takes 2.5X fullness then this means the curtain has two and a half times extra fabric sewn into it to create the pleats at the top. Generally and depending which style you choose depends on which fullness will be required;   

  • Grommet Heading – 1.5 X Fullness 
  • Ripplefold Heading – 1.6 X, 1.8 X, 2.0 X and 2.2 X Fullness Options 
  • Double Pleat Heading – 2 X Fullness Triple Pleat or Goblet Pleat Heading – 2.5 X Fullness
  • Box Pleat – 3 X Fullness  
  • Sheers - European Style - 1.5  to 2.0 X Fullness, North America - 2.0 - 3.0 X Fullness

What type of heading styles should I choose?

There are a number of different curtain heading styles to choose from, so we recommend you arrange a consultation so that we can determine the style and type that suit your needs and budget. Different styles require different amounts of fabric, which can ultimately affect the price of your window treatment. You can also check out our Style Choices page which offers a small selection of headings that are available to you.  

How do I select colours for my window treatments?

We recommend you use as much or as little color as you feel comfortable with.  Do you want the window treatment to compliment or contrast with the existing furniture, flooring and wall colours? What type of look do you want for the room – warm colours can add life to a room, cool colours can be restful? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when selecting the fabric and style – we are here to help guide you through the process of making the right choice.  

How do I measure for drapes?

If you are measuring a space that requires drapes as well as the track to run them on, we will need the ceiling to floor or structure to floor height (whatever we may be mounting to) and the total width of the curtains and window treatments required. If the curtain is to be split in the middle, so that it parts, still measure the entire width and make a note that the curtain is to have a centre split. If you are measuring existing drapes that need to be replaced and are selecting the same size, we will need the finished height and width of each curtain panel. When measuring the finished width, we will need to know what heading style you currently have – if you are not sure, take a photo to show to us or contact us for a consultation with Kootenay Interiors in Nelson or surrounding area.

Can I change my mind about the fabric choice?

Choosing custom window treatments is not the same as buying off the shelf curtains. Once the fabric has been ordered from the manufacturer or supplier and has been cut from the bolt, we are unable to cancel or return the fabric. If you are unsure of your choice of fabric, we do offer a sample swatch service that we can order from the manufacturer and ship direct to you.

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