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Ki Roman Inner

Inside Mount – Installed inside the window frame, they provide a polished look and offer a minimalist sleek finish
which many homeowners desire.


  • Take up less space in the room
  • Use less fabric than an outside mount blind
  • Can be incorporated with curtains that won’t inhibit the functionality of the blind
  • Enables you to show off the frame and trim of the window
  • Ideal for small or large windows
Ki Roman Outer

Outside Mount – Installed outside the window frame, they cover a larger area and help to enhance a rooms
appearance. They also provide more flexibility when choosing window treatments.


  • Can block out more light than inside mount
  • Can be mounted closer to the ceiling to make the room look taller
  • Ideal for narrow window frames where inside mount blinds are not an option
  • Can provide the illusion that the window is larger
  • Offer more flexibility when choosing Window Treatments
  • Ideal for small or large windows

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