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Ki Roman Outer

Flat Roman Blinds – This simple, contemporary style hangs crisp and neat with horizontal straight folds when open. This design works well in any room and with windows of all types, shapes, and sizes.

Ki Relaxedblnd

Relaxed Roman Blinds – An elegant and charming style that hangs in soft swag pleats when raised, giving it a relaxed look.

Ki Cascadeblnd

Cascade Roman Blinds – Constructed using the same elements as a Flat Roman Blind, the fabric folds that encase the rods are visible at the front of the blind, rather than the back.  This style is therefore best suited to plain fabrics, but can work for any window.

Ki Londonblnd

London Blinds – This style combines the structure of a Roman Blind with the flowing look to ensure the window is the focal point of the room.  Often used for decorative purposes,  adding a contrasting fabric in the inverted pleat will ensure a coutured look.

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